About Us
AM 1620 KLHS is a Full fledged Radio Station operated by students from Linton High School. KLHS is the First and Only High School Radio Station in the State of North Dakota. If you wish to listen to KLHS just click the link on the home page. KLHS plays music from the 60's, 70's and 80's and features Local Weather, News and Sports. Again programming is done by the students of Linton High School's Radio Broadcasting Class. These Students not only broadcast but also write and produce the programming you hear on KLHS. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at studio@klhslintonhigh.com. Thank you for your support of this student venture!
Students will learn to operate a console board and work on skills in speaking, articulation, productions, script writing, and interviewing.  They will apply their journalistic skills to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication in a variety of forms as they learn the ethical considerations and laws that affect broadcast journalism.  The program is great for students who are interested in radio or broadcast journalism, communications, advertising, radio/tv/film, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, media, improving communication skills and boosting confidence.  You do not need to be pursuing radio as a career for this class to be beneficial.
Operating the broadcast console and the other studio equipment may seem challenging at first, but we provide you with all the educational and mentorship you require.  You operate everything yourself, and cue your media.  It takes a little training and some preparation – no advanced technical skill is necessary.  After a few shows, you’ll feel right at home. 
You will use various media sources (mp3 files, CDs, FTP download, flash cards, etc.) to broadcast our range of educational and informational programming….and of course the music!
Meet the Team:
  1. Emily Kelsch - Sales Manager
    Emily Kelsch - Sales Manager
  2. Madisyn Ohlhauser - Asst. Sports Director
    Madisyn Ohlhauser - Asst. Sports Director
  3. Damon Walker -Sales Manager
    Damon Walker -Sales Manager
  4. Daniel Schumacher - Music Director
    Daniel Schumacher - Music Director
  5. Sydney Giese - Promotions Director
    Sydney Giese - Promotions Director
  6. Hannah Schumacher - Operations Manager
    Hannah Schumacher - Operations Manager
  7. Tiffany Smith - Multi Media Manager
    Tiffany Smith - Multi Media Manager
  8. Kailee Horner - Program Director
    Kailee Horner - Program Director
  9. Raanne Schiermeister - Asst. Multi Media Manager
    Raanne Schiermeister - Asst. Multi Media Manager
  10. Erica Umber - Promotions Director
    Erica Umber - Promotions Director
  11. Brayden Byers - Sports Director
    Brayden Byers - Sports Director
  12. Laura Hovland - Production Director
    Laura Hovland - Production Director
  13. Madison Ptacek - Music Director
    Madison Ptacek - Music Director
  14. Ethan Zink - News Director
    Ethan Zink - News Director

Station Manager: Jay Schmaltz

  • Raanne Schermeister  Radio Broadcasting II 
  • Hannah Schumacher    Radio Broadcasting II  
  • Tiffany Smith        Radio Broadcasting II 
  • Kailee Horner        Radio Broadcasting II
  • Laura Hoveland       Radio Broadcasting I
  • Emily Kelsch         Radio Broadcasting I
  • Madisyn Ohlhauser    Radio Broadcasting I
  • Damon Walker         Radio Broadcasting I
  • Sydney Giese         Radio Broadcasting I
  • Daniel Schumacher    Radio Broadcasting I
  • Brayden Byers        Radio Broadcasting I
  • Madison Ptacek       Radio Broadcasting I
  • Erica Umber          Radio Broadcasting I
  • Ethan Zink           Radio Broadcasting I